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M = Mute (Music | FX)
Shift + E = Exit Room
F = Enter Fullscreen

How To Play

Eat Food

The food items allow you to increase your score and grow bigger. Different food items will offer different growth values. In addition, Cockroaches gain a larger growth from food items than do Humans.


**Click and HOLD to launch an attack.**
You grow much faster from attacks.
Also note that when you click, your score and growth go decreasing until you start affecting an enemy.


If you're a Cockroach, clicking will make you fly until you reach a Human target. Then, if you hold the click, you will cling onto the Human and suck the life out of them.


If you're a Human, by cliking you will make use of your bug spray to exterminate any surrounding bugs.

You need a score above 10 to attack.

You Die When Your Score Hits 0

Hide Behind Objects

**For Cockroaches only**
Cockroaches can hide behind objects. This means that whenever a Cockroach is under an object of the room, they cannot be affected by any human attack.

Look Around

You can see the enemy (player of the opposite kind) ONLY WHEN THEY ARE IN FRONT OF YOU. This means that you should check your surroundings if you don't want to be surprised by an attack from behind.
It also means that you can sneak up on enemy players, and get them from where they can't see you.
You can see players of your own kind at all times.

Reach The Score Limit - 20,000

Your score will not increase indefinitely. The highest your score can go is 20,000. If you are able to reach the score limit, you automatically become The Ghost of the Room!

Become The Ghost and haunt the Room

When you reach 20,000 you automatically become a Cockroach Ghost (if you started as a Cockroach), or a Human Ghost (if you started as a Human).

Here is what that means:

You are now invisible

NONE of the other players can see you, not even those of the same kind as you. That means you can move around freely, and nobody will ever know where you are.
*Except wen you attacked or are being attacked*

You Can Still Be Attacked

Although nobody can see where you are, if you find yourself in front of an enemy player launching an attack, you will be affected. When you are attacked, you become visible and your position appears on every player's map as a big white dot.
This also means that if you're not the Ghost and you see a big white dot appear on your map, that dot tells you exactly where the Ghost is.

Food Doesn't Matter Anymore

You don't need to eat food anymore. Therefore you will pass through food items.

Score Doesn't Matter Anymore

You score will disappear and be replaced by your Room Disturbance. This reflects the amount of trouble you have caused in the room as a Ghost, in time units.

You Can Still Attack

Your attacks are not tied to your score anymore. But rather, you get a limited time of attack, after which, you have to wait for it to reload.
Use the Ghost Attack gauge that will appear under your Room Disturbance to keep track of how much attack time you have left. When that gauge is exhausted, it needs to refill completely before you can attack again.

*Human Ghost Attack

When a Human Ghost is attacking (and only then), it is surrounded by a semi-circle covering its back.
Every attack on any part of that semi-circle will be retorted. It means any Cockroach attacking through the semi-circle will be affected themselves and NOT the Human Ghost.

You Can Switch the Light Off (*Press "S")

As a Ghost, you get the ability to turn the light on and off in the Room. When you turn the light off, nobody else than yourself can see anything in the Room. You can still see everything and everybody the way you did before. But it's a complete black out for the other players.
You get 5 seconds of light off before the feature needs to reload. Use the Light Switch gauge to see how much more you can switch the light off. When that gauge is exhausted, it needs to refill completely before you can turn the light off again.

Create a Room Quake (*Press "Q")

**Only available for Human Ghosts**

As a Human Ghost you can shake the Room causing ALL the other players (even the other Humans) to be shuffled around. Use the Room Quake gauge to see how much more you can shake the Room. When that gauge is exhausted, it needs to refill completely before you can shake the Room again.

You Live Forever (...well almost)

Since your score is no longer relevant, you do not lose growth when being attacked. Therefore, you cannot die from an attack.

The only way for a Ghost to die is by another player becoming the Ghost


Get A Complete Experience

Upon becoming a Ghost (and eventually dying), you get half a streak and cannot return into the Room as a player of the same kind. You have to join the opposite side and attempt to become a Ghost on that side as well. After that, you are free to reenter the Room on either side again. (Then forced to join the opposite side if you become a Ghost, and so on).

Ghost Streak and Overall

Your Ghost Streak adds up each time you become a Ghost and is reset to 0 whenever you exit the Room without becoming a Ghost. The same applies to your Overall achievement.
Try to become a Ghost as many times as you can, and see your Ghost Streak and Overall add up to as high a value as possible.
Your Overall is the sum of your score, your survival time (how long you've been under attack) and your reached marks (there are 4 reachable marks: 5000, 10000, 15000 and 20000). The Overall of a Ghost, in addition, contains the Room Disturbance and the Ghost Streak.


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Voice Acting

Voice acting by 11linda and Nanakisan.

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